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Located in Wyoming, MN
Just 30 minutes north of Twin Cities
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My story? Well it's always changing, which is how I like it.   I'm an artist at heart and that comes from my parents and grandparents who are painters, designers and just plain artsy!  I love to build and create; be it with clay, wood, fabric whatever!   I'm amazed by the natural and organic forms of things but tend to stay on the functional side for my pottery.  It's the mechanics of assembling something that captures me.   How does it work? How was it formed?  Can I build that?  Then going to work and letting my mind and hands figure it out.  


LeeAnn Murdock


what a great place!!!! creative freedom is encouraged while i was guided through the process of building my custom bowl.  I've always wanted to experiment with clay, the LOVE of CLAY gave me that chance.

Madison Youngblom

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